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Raised Access Floor Products Air Flow Floor Panel Series

SAC Air Flow Floor Panel provide a way to let the cool air under the raised floor panels pass through the floor system to the top of panels and transfer to the server rack in order to cool down the server or any other electronic equipments installed in the rack.

45% Air Flow Panel

SAC 45% air flow panel (or steel grating panel) is specially designed for places which requires high air flow rate. It is made of steel and placed with sliding damper to control the airflow rate. The surface can stick with either anti-static HPL or PVC Vinyl as the finishing. The maximum air flow rate is 45%. The panels can be easily installed with steel raised floor with stringer system. The panels’ sizes are controlled with great precision, which assures the free interchange between normal steel panels, perforated panels, blind panels and grating panels.

HPL Finish
HPL Finish
  • Anti-static High Pressure Laminate(HPL) Finishing or PVC Vinyl Tile Finishing
  • Size: 600mm x 600mm x 35mm
  • Understructure: Stringer System
  • Flatness : ± 0.7
  • With Sliding damper
  • Maximum Air Flow Rate : 45%
  • Usage: Data Center, Server Room or etc.
Vinyl Finish
Vinyl Finish

Data of 45% Air Flow Panel:
Air Flow Panel Datasheet

Sliding Damper:
Sliding Damper Open   Sliding Damper Close

Job Reference
Sliding Damper Open   Sliding Damper Open

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